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Manual en español El coche no me arranca. Y me pone el tablero avería de airbag mirar manual. Mi manual es en francés
color identification place where is located
Computer on board Hi anynone nows about the computer on board on Delta 1.6 GT i.e 1987 80 kw. Thanks

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Fuel consumption

There is a new tab "fuel consumption" on the "Vehicle Detail" page. In addition of the service history evidence, you can now keep the records of refueling, too. The average fuel consumption of your vehicle will be calculated and displaying on your vehicle detail page.

Consumption (whole club): 6.70 l/100 km

We drove together with 8 vehicles in total 79 976 km km and our tanks flowed 5 357 liters of fuel.

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Fuel pump!

Steflaz   2017-08-06

Thema 8.32 idle problem is hot

Qllaario   2017-07-29

Positive crankcase ventilation

oldest   2017-07-29

Lancia Delta LX 1.5 service manual

zakuhun   2017-07-12

Lybra 2.20v Camshaf aligment

Michael1234   2017-06-16

8.32 Dash Removal

sergeant: Hi Thank you for that eventually worked it out All the plastic wa

armysas   2017-06-14 (06/2017)

Woul you recommend this car?

Hi I have a Lancia Ypsilon 1.3 Diesel from 2006. Already driving it for more th

tomvanbriel   2017-05-08 (05/2017)

Delta II Wiper blades

Hi, check out this video, it is not exactly for Lancia, but maybe it could help

e34e36   2017-04-18 (04/2017)

Lancia Y Temperature of activation radiator fan

Hi there, i don´t know this engine very well, but for example BMW E39 540I has t

e34e36   2017-04-10 (04/2017)

Dedra Car preview

kogorta12   2017-03-27

Lybra Car commercial

You´re absolutely welcome

e34e36   2017-03-26 (03/2017)

Delta II Thermostat for Lancia Delta 2.0 16v turbo

The 2.0 HF Turbo with clima is using the part number 7784591. I have used the t

dino   2017-03-25 (01/2017)

Delta II Central locking problem

I suspected it could be that. I will try to figure out the problem, if I have mo

Coupe16v   2017-03-24 (03/2017)

Y Car commercial

e34e36   2017-03-24 (03/2017)

Y Wiper blades install

e34e36   2017-03-24

22.08. Phedra 2.0 16v HDi/JTD 2.0 (122 cui)
21.08. Delta III (Type 844) 1.6 Multijet 16V
20.08. Y (Type 840) 1.1 8v
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