14:09:25 gogo_mezdra Hi, guys! I've got a problem with my Lancia Thesis 2.4 JTD 2004. Mechanics and I are unsure whether it is a gearbox problem or computer module problem. Anyone who might be familiar with the problem, private message me. Thanks!
11:14:02 firekey Qualcuno sa come si rimuove la plancia centrale di una Y elefantino blu del 2001 con climatizzatore manuale?
10:45:31 tamermetwalli I need recommendations for online Lancia Integrale Evo 1 parts, please. Can anyone suggest online stores?
10:44:48 tamermetwalli Hello all!
19:52:49 husecs It blows hot air to the driver side.
19:51:49 husecs I have some problem with my digital air conditioning system.
19:50:52 husecs Has anybody a repair manual for Lancia Delta 844?
19:50:23 husecs Hello all,
16:03:14 armysas Is there anyone who can help me with the procedure to remove a dashboard from an thema 832
16:02:48 armysas Hi
19:08:39 Eliassjoland wich one of the pdf's do i need for my Lancia delta integrale 8v? All the manuals?
08:46:09 dino jlyman17 You remove only the rubber blades beginning from the left side of the bvlade, which locks there.
15:40:48 jlyman17 how do you remove and change fromt wiper blades on a 98 delta II?
15:26:14 jlyman17 can anyone help me with a windshield wiper issue
15:49:49 victorlei Hello everybody. I have a Lancia K 2.4TDS, year 1996 and is ther any one that can tell me wich is the best diagnóstic software for it?
08:11:28 ile lancas1975 PM@ sent to you
07:56:19 lancas1975 als most of the senetence it is easy to understand from the picture or the italian word that is very similar to english or the mechanical terminoligy
07:55:11 lancas1975 it is in itallian but tit very easy to translate via google translate
07:54:17 lancas1975 you can find the electrical diagra in the section of manuals
07:53:39 lancas1975 hello ile
07:53:21 lancas1975 hello
19:42:23 aikju hello, can some one help me with my lybra problem? it's in lybra forum
18:29:49 dino jlyman17 I have already answered you in the forum topic you opened.
14:05:52 jlyman17 i have a '98 delta 2. anyone know what bulbs go in the rear lights?
11:03:32 sal524 aggiornamenti magneti marelli rt3
18:38:05 sal524 ce qualcuno
18:37:55 sal524
18:37:50 sal524
18:34:46 sal524 vi chiedo se chi mi puo aiutare ho una lancia phedra 2004 non riesco a capire dove si trova l'interruttore retromarcia non funziona.
18:33:31 sal524 salve sono nuovo italia ancona mi presento sal524
09:51:47 mujica greeting where they can be bought crystal headlights for Lancia lybra
09:32:04 dino Hello, I'm looking for a thermostat for Lancia Delta 2.0 16V Turbo model 1994 with clima.Car type 836A2000 but also the same of 175A4000.Fiat Coupe 2.0 16V Turbo has the same too, type is 175A1000.I wish I could take out mine and try to fix it but seems impossible.
10:47:13 JENCINAS have an issue: my Lybra is giving me Three beeps while driving, when engine starts, when key is inerted in switch etc.. any help. thanks
03:33:58 ile
03:33:31 ile Lancia y 1.2 8v 1996-2003 english wiring diagram (schema)??where to find one??
05:37:45 MASAKI Hello, can somebody tell me where I can find the speed sensor of Lybra 2.0 petrol. thank you.
05:37:45 MASAKI Hello, can somebody tell me where I can find the speed sensor of Lybra 2.0 petrol. thank you.
22:28:53 Davidlybra
22:17:11 Davidlybra Hi! I have a lancia lybra 1.9 jtd, does anybody know in which order should i change the brake fluid? Thanks...
02:32:27 yuriy4223 vin ZLA83600005040528
02:26:46 yuriy4223 hi all
16:57:09 czechlanica VIN ZLA836000 3050247
16:55:56 czechlanica Lancia Delta Type 836an55a 12
16:23:56 czechlanica my email is babyczech@gmail.com
16:12:26 czechlanica Can somebody help us please Technical info Emission number.. OSN number The noise limit of Lanica Delta 1.9 TD 1998 vehicle when it is Stationary (db/a ) turn min -1 The noise limit when moving (db/a) thanks