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Delta II Thermostat for Lancia Delta 2.0 16v turbo

Forum Delta II (Type 836) Delta II Thermostat for Lancia Delta 2.0 16v turbo

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2017-01-20 18:42:54

I am looking for a new thermostat for my car. Lancia OEM number is 7784591 and is for cars with clima. Below are picture and schematic.

Thanks in advance!

2017-03-25 00:34:04

Did you find one? Im in need of one also...

2017-03-25 08:28:32

Yes I did, after 4 years of lots of gasoline spent without reason cause of a

bad thermostat. It was also a big problem when traveling in the autoroute in high

speeds during winter and -5 degrees celcius, the hot air inside the cabin was not even warm!

Does your car have clima?

I'm asking because actually I didn't find the right thermostat for my car and made a

modification to a thermostat from other model, thanks to a good Lancisti

from France

2017-03-25 13:49:49

Oh thats good news for you! I have the same problem, my oil temperature dont reach 50degrees in highway and car is consuming too much. Can you tell me the reference of the thermostat that you used and what modifications you have made? Thanks from Portugal

dino: oh and I forgot to mention my car have clima.

2017-03-25 20:27:15

The 2.0 HF Turbo with clima is using the part number 7784591.

I have used the thermostat of the Fiat Coupe 2.0 atmospheric (non-turbo) part number 7772114

(MAHLE TI.99 83D actually). It will be need to extract the lower tube and put a screw there and also drill a 10 key hole for the air condition sensor.

The same thermostat (opens in 83 degrees Celcius) is used for the 2.0 HF 16v and for the Alfa Romeo 155 2.0 Turbo Q4 (smaller modification needed there).

I p.m. you the details.