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Lancia Y Temperature of activation radiator fan

Forum Y (Type 840) Lancia Y Temperature of activation radiator fan

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2002 Y (Type 840) 1.2 8v

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Fuel gasoline. 5-speed Manual transmission.

2017-04-10 07:35:45

Hello guys,

I'm an owner of Lancia Y 1.2 (Type 840, 8valve, 60 hp, 2002).

I have a bluetooth OBD device and the torque program, in order to inspect the parameters in real time.

The weird thing is that the activation of radiator fan done when the temperature reach 101 Celcius. Is it right???

Do any othe owner or mechanical in the forum could confirm the right temperature?

Note, that the command for the activation is direct from ECU.

Thanks in advance


2017-04-10 09:38:03

Hi there, i don´t know this engine very well, but for example BMW E39 540I has the normal radiator fan temperature 109 Celcius so I believe 101 Celcius could be all right. But try to ask someone who has the same or similar engine to make sure.